Dataset Release Schedule

The schedule (below) outlines when EOCIS expects to have global and regional datasets quality assured and ready for release into the archive held at CEDA (

Global & Regional EOCIS QA Timing
Climate TopicSub-product/Product nameArchive Ready
Aerosol and Particulate MatterGlobal 1995-2024, from (A)ATSR, SLSTR-A and SLSTR-BAug-24
Surface Radiation Cloud AerosolSLSTR cloud, aerosol and fluxesDec-24
Fire Occurrence & Fire EmissionsFire Occurrence & Fire EmissionsTBC
Land Surface TemperatureSLSTR ICDRJun-24
Land Surface TemperatureVIIRS ICDRMar-25
Methane (GOSAT, surface sensitive)GOSAT XCH4Oct-24
Methane (GOSAT, surface sensitive)GOSAT-2 XCH4-PreliminaryFeb-24
Methane (GOSAT, surface sensitive)GOSAT-2 XCH4-FinalMar-25
Ocean reflectance and chlorophyllOR&CJul-24
Radiatively active gas profiles (H2O, CH4, O3)IMS H2O, T & O3 from MetOpSep-24
Radiatively active gas profiles (H2O, CH4, O3)IASI methaneNov-24
Radiatively active gas profiles (H2O, CH4, O3)Ozone from UV soundersMar-25
Sea Surface TemperatureL3 & L4 SSTJun-24
Ice sheet massSurface Elevation changeJul-24
Ice sheet massMass BalanceAug-24
Ice velocity, Antarctic ice sheetIce velocity, Antarctic ice sheetTBC
Sea ice arcticThickness & VolumeJun-24
Soil Moisture AfricaSoil Moisture for AfricaJul-24
EOCIS dataset release schedule as of 1 July 2024

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