Obtain EOCIS datasets in your chosen spatial and temporal resolution and extent.

You may use this page to request data from the EOCIS data store.

This service is supported by the National Centre for Earth Observation (www.nceo.ac.uk).

The dataset will be prepared in netcdf4, GeoTIFF or CSV format at the temporal and spatial resolution specified in the request form below.

  1. Choose and enter a submitter reference.
  2. Define parameters for your EOCIS data service job.
  3. Submit the request.

Check on the status of your jobs and get the download links for any completed jobs, by returning to this page, by entering your submitter reference into the form below and pressing the Show My Current Jobs button.

Click on thehelp icons for additional explanation.

(1) Submitter Reference

This is any short text that you can note down and later use to retrieve the status of your jobs.

(2) Data Request

(3) Consent and Data License

Submit Job

For any questions, suggestions or issues with using this service, please contact n.f.mccarroll@reading.ac.uk.