Actionable Information Projects – FAQ

Actionable Information Projects – FAQ

Q. Is there any limitation on size of scale of commercial organisations participating in the call?

A. No. There is no restriction other than as stated in the “Eligibility” statement within the call.

Q. Are responses to include EOCIS university partners and/or identified leads?

A. Yes. The (minimum one) EOCIS participating organisation(s) need(s) to be included in the response and in agreement with participating before submission of the response form. The EOCIS lead scientist is happy to discuss potential EOCIS participants for a given concept, and to make introductions on behalf of any interested parties with ideas but not present contacts. Email to set up a discussion.

Q. Are proposed projects to be UK focused?

A. There is no restriction on the focus, other than as defined in the “Scope” statement within the call.

Q. Will you allow overhead or non-direct cost recovery when costing the budget?

A. Yes, using the organisation’s normal budget-setting. (National Capability funding conventions apply to University-based participants.)

Q. Is there any further information on terms and conditions on the funding agreement?

A. Refer to in the first instance, as any procurement will be organised via University of Reading.